Time running out for Windows 2000 et al.?

With a full court blitz for Windows XP imminent, C|Net has an ominous story on Microsoft's plans to end support for its existing operating systems.
On the flip side, because Microsoft wants customers to upgrade to the newest operating system--and so pay new license fees--the software maker doesn't offer long enough support, and that will hurt many companies during the transition from Windows 95, 98 or NT to versions 2000 or XP, Silver said.

At the end of June 2003, Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows 98, NT and 2000 assisted support, giving many companies a fixed deadline by which to go to Windows XP. That makes the time particularly short for companies that have yet to aggressively start Windows 2000 upgrades. Their only choice may be a gradual transition to Windows XP that means running multiple versions of the operating system.

Since Microsoft scrapped plans for Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 7, the end may come even sooner than that. Thanks to rand for the link.
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