Report: AMD to extend game bundling to APUs

AMD's Never Settle game bundles have been great for graphics card buyers. The first iteration involved free copies of Far Cry 3, Hitman: Absolution, and Sleeping Dogs. (Let's just pretend Medal of Honor: Warfighter never existed, shall we?) For round two, AMD is offering combinations of Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite, and Tomb Raider. Both of those deals have applied exclusively to Radeon graphics cards, but it looks like there could be one in store for APU buyers, as well.

German site Hardware Luxx has published presentation slides revealing a SimCity bundle for select A8 and A10 APUs. It's unclear which APUs will be eligible, but other slides from the presentation discuss AMD's latest Richland APU silicon. The deal could be restricted to those newer chips, which are arriving first in notebooks before making their way to the desktop.

According to the site, AMD has confirmed that folks can look forward to copies of SimCity starting April 18. They'll apparently get an Origin code good for a free download of the game.

SimCity seems like the sort of title that will resonate with casual gamers equipped with integrated graphics. It apparently runs well on AMD APUs, too. One of the presentation slides quotes a frame rate of 71 FPS for the A8-5600K running at 1080p resolution with "low lighting." That's not bad for a Trinity-based chip that costs just $110, although the FPS figure obviously doesn't tell the full story.

We can't mention SimCity without discussing its disastrous launch, which was plagued by server issues that limited folks' ability to play. The game requires an always-on Internet connection even though modders have proven that it works just fine offline. That said, SimCity's issues might not faze people who are getting the game for free—and the initial server problems have reportedly been ironed out. We're certainly not going to complain about AMD bundling such a recent game with its processors. Thanks to Fudzilla for the tip.

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