Adobe, AMD bring OpenCL support to Premiere Pro

Since last year, Adobe Premiere Pro has supported OpenCL acceleration on Mac computers. Now, Adobe and AMD have announced that they've brought OpenCL acceleration to the Windows version of the video editing suite.

This time, AMD says all of its A-series APUs are supported—as are Radeon and FirePro graphics cards. The OpenCL acceleration purportedly enables "real-time edits, application of dozens of effects, support for the new Lumetri deep color engine and multi-stream and mixed format accelerated workflows with AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology." Video formats up to 4K Ultra HD are supported.

The performance improvements are, of course, substantial. On an A10-6800K processor with integrated graphics, AMD says OpenCL acceleration yields a 4.3x speedup when one applies a three-way color corrector filter to a 1080p video and exports that video to iDevice format. The quoted processing times are 46.6 seconds with OpenCL enabled and 246.1 seconds without.

Even greater improvements are in store for users of AMD's FirePro professional graphics cards. AMD outlines some examples in this blog post. By the looks of it, FirePro GPUs don't just speed things up over plain-old software processing; they're also quite a bit faster than Nvidia's competing Quadro GPUs. AMD says it's "kicking the butt" of the Quadro K4000 and K5000 in particular.

So, when can you lay your hands on the OpenCL-infused Premiere Pro for Windows? AMD isn't saying, but it mentions that testing was conducted on "a pre-release version of the next Adobe Premiere Pro." Given that Adobe releases new versions of Premiere Pro roughly every year around April or May, I'd expect the new OpenCL goodness to show up in Premiere Pro CS7 some time soon.

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