New Metro: Last Light trailer gives survival tips

Last month, Deep Silver released a trailer that gave us a glimpse at Metro: Last Light's plot. Now, the studio has put out a new clip, this time to give prospective players tips on how to survive in the post-apocalyptic shooter. Take a look:

Based on the narration, it sounds like this is framed as propaganda for one of the game's factions (the "Rangers"). I'm also not sure how truthful the narrator is when he calls the Moscow Metro "literally the last outpost of the world." In any case, Rangers are apparently supposed to sneak around, spy on conversations, fight with mutants in the game's "transition zones," and explore the surface. It all sounds very exciting—and pretty dangerous, from the look of some of those mutants.

I'm getting the sense that Deep Silver has made the world a little bigger this time, with larger and more interesting outdoor areas. That was one of my complaints about the first Metro 2033 game: too much of it took place in dark, cramped tunnels. Last Light still has tunnels, of course, but those seem like they may be filled with more characters—and opportunities for interactivity with things other than hordes of bloodthirsty monsters.

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