Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon joining AMD's Radeon bundles

When Ubisoft unveiled Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon on April 1, we didn't think the game would turn out to be a real project. And the last thing we expected was that Blood Dragon would later be bundled with AMD's Radeon graphics cards.

That's precisely what has happened, though.

Earlier this morning, AMD announced that, starting May 1, Blood Dragon will join BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, and Tomb Raider as part of the company's Never Settle Reloaded bundles. The game will be included for free with all Radeon HD graphics cards from the 7770 on up. Not only that, but customers who've redeemed Never Settle bundles in the past will all be given the game for free. AMD explains:

By May 1, any customer that has ever redeemed a code for our Never Settle Reloaded promotion is going to receive a FREE GAME KEY for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon by email. Or, if you have a Never Settle Reloaded postcard with a code you’ve not yet redeemed, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will be added to the games on the postcard when you finally register the code.

Giving existing customers freebies is a new move for AMD—and it's definitely quite generous. I'm sure a lot of folks will appreciate it.

This isn't the only Blood Dragon-related piece of news out this morning, by the way. Ubisoft has posted a "reveal trailer" with almost two minutes of VHS-tinged animation and gameplay. We've embedded it below. (Careful if you're at work; the clip contains both extreme cheese and a smattering of profanity.) 

The folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have also published a preview of the game. Judging by their writeup, it sounds like Blood Dragon is fun—and, apparently, Ubisoft pulled off the faux-80s kitsch atmosphere quite well. RPS says the game contains "about eight hours" of gameplay, too, which is longer than I expected. Eight hours seems about in line with today's full-length commercial shooters.

Check out our previous coverage for more details and screenshots.

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