Dishonored expansion teased in new trailer

Remember that Dishonored expansion we told you about last month? Well, Bethesda has just posted a video of it. I believe this is the first time we've gotten a look at Knife of Dunwall in action... and I think I like what I see. Check it out:

In Knife of Dunwall, you play as Daud, the sword-wielding assassin who killed Empress Josephine Jessamine in the original game. Judging by the voice-over in the trailer, Daud is gruff enough to put Edward James Olmos to shame—and quite deadly, too. I went the stealthy route in Dishonored, but given Daud's credentials, I think I might take a more lethal approach this time.

Knife of Dunwall is due out on April 16, which is next Tuesday. The PC and PlayStation 3 versions will be priced at $9.99, and the Xbox 360 release will cost 800 Microsoft points. If you're still hungry for details, more info will be apparently revealed on Monday at 1:30 PM, Eastern Time, during Bethesda's first Twitch.TV Live Stream.

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