OCZ prepping Barefoot-based SSD with 20-nm NAND

Late last year, OCZ introduced its first solid-state drive with controller technology developed entirely in-house. The Vector SSD combines an Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller with 25-nm MLC NAND, and it has higher overall performance than any drive we've tested to date. Now, it appears the firm is prepping a new Barefoot-based drive that will employ next-generation NAND.

OCZ confirmed to TechSpot that it's working on a new SSD that will use "an updated version of the Barefoot 3 controller alongside 20-nanometer NAND flash." This won't be the company's first SSD with 20-nm NAND; OCZ announced the Vertex 3.20 in February, and that drive has been selling online for some time. The Vertex uses a SandForce controller, though. The Barefoot 3 is OCZ's own, and it's interesting to note that the TechSpot story mentions an updated version of the chip. There's no word on what's been changed, but I wouldn't bet on anything too drastic. Major updates are pretty infrequent in the world of SSD controllers.

The OCZ Vector is still priced at a premium, with the 128 and 256GB versions selling for $150 and $270, respectively. A prospective model based on 20-nm NAND should cost less, and it could slot in between the Vector and the Vertex 3.20. The latter drive is priced at $120 for 120GB and $229 for 240GB.

In February, OCZ started including Far Cry 3 with Vector SSDs, and I'm curious to see whether a game will be attached to the upcoming drive. Samsung has bundled blockbuster titles with two generations of its SSDs, albeit with limited-time offers that have since expired, and we all know what's been happening with AMD's Never Settle freebies. My fingers are crossed for a Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon tie-in, complete with a matching neon case.

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