Friday night topic: Whatcha playin'?

I'm hauling out a classic topic this evening, since the time seems very appropriate. The latest wave of games has left us with a wealth of options from which to choose. As usual, I've sampled most of the big releases already, to get a feel for them. Some of them I'll finish, and others... well, there's only so much time in the day.

I've already given you my take on the incredible visuals in Crysis 3; it's a much better game than the last one in the series, with vast open areas and multiple ways to navigate them. I stalled out on this game, though, when I needed to figure out how to test Tomb Raider and began playing it.

My experience with the latest Lara Croft story was funny. I wasn't sure whether I really liked it, even though there's clearly much to appreciate about the game. I kept playing and wondering to myself, and before I knew what happened, an embarrassing amount of time had passed. Heh. Yeah, I then had to admit: it's good, in spite of the fact that it's pretty linear and scripted.

I didn't finish, though, since I needed to get a handle on testing BioShock Infinite. And wow, this game is a tour de force. Seriously. Everything works together to create a particular environment: the realistic-but-contrived city of Columbia with an early-1900s aesthetic, a menacing political regime, and a particular cultural vibe. The graphics aren't terribly intensive or strenuous for today's GPUs, but the art direction is utterly distinctive and top-notch. I expect this is the game I'll finish first.

The last game I finished? The amazing Borderlands 2—and every single drop of DLC released for it so far. I have 38 Golden Keys waiting to be used, too, thanks to a slight obsession with SHIFT codes.

Meanwhile, Geoff is expanding his mind with Antichamber. (Also, his semi-revelations there may help explain some Monday mornings when he wasn't entirely with it.)

So that's what I'm playing. What about you?

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