WSJ: Microsoft is working on a touch-enabled watch

After Windows phones and Windows tablets, could the next big thing for Microsoft be a Windows watch? Maybe so, according to the Wall Street Journal. The paper says it's heard from "executives at suppliers" that Microsoft has "asked suppliers in Asia to ship components for a potential watch-style device."

Not much is known about this watch-style device, except that according to one of the Journal's sources, Microsoft "has requested 1.5-inch displays from component makers." There's mention of touch input, as well, but that's pretty much a given. (I don't think calculator-style watches with little keypads are fashionable anymore—if they ever were.)

The Journal goes on to say one of its sources got to meet with Microsoft's R&D team, but it's "unclear" whether the watch will be released commercially.

Microsoft may have to get a product out whether it likes it or not, though. There's been a lot of unofficial buzz about an Apple smart watch lately, and last month, Samsung announced that it, too, had a watch-style product in the works. It definitely seems like a market is going to open up there, and the last thing Microsoft should want is to be late to the game yet again, as it was with tablets and Windows Phone.

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