Cherry MX green switches pop up in QuickFire Stealth keyboard

Remember those Cherry MX green mechanical switches we tested last month? At the time, they were available only on a special version of Cooler Master's CM Storm Trigger keyboard. That model doesn't appear to be selling online anymore, but it looks like the switches have migrated to a new offering: the QuickFire Stealth. We caught our first glimpse of the Stealth at CES in January, and a variant with MX green switches is now listed on Cooler Master's site.

If you're unfamiliar with MX green switches, here's the scoop. The greens are similar to the MX blue switches in that they have a tactile "bump" and audible "click" at the actuation point. While the blues require 50 grams of force to actuate and 65 grams to bottom out, the greens take 80 g and 105 g, respectively. The stiffer springs more closely replicate the feel of the buckling spring switches in IBM's iconic Model M keyboard.

Prefer a different MX switch type? The Stealth is also available with blue, brown, and red variants of the Cherry switches.

There's more to the Stealth than its mechanical switches. This unique offering has no numeric keypad, and the tops of its keys are blank. Labels are instead found on the front face of each key, where they should be safe from wear and discoloration. The lettering should still be visible from a natural typing position, so this approach is a good alternative to the completely blank caps found on keyboards like the Das Ultimate.

The MX green version of the QuickFire Stealth appears to be out of stock at Cooler Master's online store. However, it looks like Amazon is carrying a non-Stealth version with traditional key lettering for $115. Newegg has the MX brown version of the Stealth listed for $90, but it's out of stock right now, and the green variant isn't listed at that vendor at all. Cooler Master also plans to bring MX green switches to new versions of its Trigger, QuickFire TK, and QuickFire XT. Before long, there should be plenty of options for folks who prefer stiff, clicky mechanical switches.

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