Asus unveils larger Taichi convertible

Remember the Asus Taichi 21? Introduced last October, this convertible chimera turned a lot of heads and furrowed a lot of brows. It had not one but two 11.6″ screens: a regular one at the front and a multi-touch one at the back, which meant the machine looked—and behaved—like a tablet when folded up.

Asus is now back with a bigger and badder take on the concept. Say hello to the Taichi 31, which trades its sibling’s dual 11.6″ screens for two 13.3″ displays, both with the same 1920×1080 resolution and IPS panel technology.

The Taichi 31 comes with a choice of Core i5-3317U or Core i7-3537U processors, 128 or 256GB of solid-state storage, and 4GB of RAM. Connectivity includes 802.11n Wi-Fi (with WiDi support), Bluetooth 4.0, dual USB 3.0 ports, and Micro HDMI and Mini-VGA display outputs. Asus has built in two webcams, as well: a five-megapixel one at the front (which can shoot 1080p video) and a 720p one at the back. There’s even a pressure-sensitive stylus that can be used with the rear display.

According to Asus, the system’s 53Wh battery has enough juice for “up to seven hours” of web browsing over a Wi-Fi connection. The Taichi 31 weighs 1.56 kg (3.44 lbs) and measures “17.4 cm” in thickness. I assume the company means 17.4 mm, or 0.69″, since the alternative would be a little unwieldy.

Asus’ press release doesn’t mention pricing, but considering the most affordable Taichi 21 variant costs almost $1200 at Amazon, I wouldn’t expect the Taichi 31 to be cheap. Not that it should be—it’s hard enough to find an ultrabook with one 1080p IPS display, let alone two.

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    • kamikaziechameleon
    • 7 years ago

    Can I get a 15 and 17″ option please with some discrete graphics? Do the same quality wacom stylus system as the win surface pro and I’ll pay whatever you ask.

    • dpaus
    • 7 years ago

    Can the ‘cover’ screen be used at the same time as the main screen, running in an ‘upside down’ mode (i.e., so that it’s right-side-up for someone seated across the table from the user)?? That would make it an ideal system for sales reps, real estate agents, Powerpoint presentations to small groups, etc.

      • Delphis
      • 7 years ago

      My thoughts too. Just remember to take it off ‘mirror’ mode when you’re looking at pr0n 😀

      • grantmeaname
      • 7 years ago

      [url=<]Yes[/url<]. (also [url=<]this[/url<].)

    • moog
    • 7 years ago

    The Asus Zenbook Prime touchbook costs less and has better specs.

    I guess TR didn’t review it properly, but here it is vs. the Samsung Series 7


      • raddude9
      • 7 years ago

      The Zenbook Prime has better specs!!! So it must have 3 screens then :-))

      looks at review

      disappointed, just the one screen 🙁

        • moog
        • 7 years ago

        What, no eye detaching ninjitsu? Otherwise you can only make use of 1 screen at a time on the Taichi.

    • odizzido
    • 7 years ago

    I would forever be worried about destroying the screen on the outer side. It seems to me that having a convertible one would be a lot better.

    • annamavrovski230
    • 7 years ago
    • HisDivineOrder
    • 7 years ago

    Seems like the better concept are the Lenovo Helix tablets/laptops.

    • brute
    • 7 years ago

    taichi? isnt that the billy blake weight loss boxing thing

      • Cuhulin
      • 7 years ago

      No, that’s Taebo. Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts style, good at enabling movement with a good core focus.

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