Bethesda teases next project

Something is brewing in Rockville, Maryland. Yesterday, Bethesda Game Studios announced that it would stop releasing new content for Skyrim. The studio explained that its "next major project" had reached the stage where it "requires the studio's full attention."

That "next major project" hasn't been referred to by name, but earlier today, the official Bethesda Softworks Twitter account posted a short video clip ostensibly related to the announcement. You'll find the video attached below. (Sorry, Vine doesn't allow for non-looping embeds. You can pause the video by clicking on it.)

The video shows barbed wire and... spinning text. According to Polygon, the text is from an LP label (taken off an early-20th-century record) and from Bach sheet music. The site suspected something Fallout-related, but Bethesda's Pete Hines threw cold water on that idea this morning. He tweeted "Guess again :-)" in response to a fan who referred to the video as potentially Fallout-related.

Since there's a definite lack of Bach music and LPs in the Elder Scrolls series, which is Bethesda Game Studios' other major franchise, this may just be our first glimpse at a new series—or at least a new game that isn't a sequel. Either way, I'm excited, especially since there's a strong possibility the game will be based on John Carmack's engine technology. Hmm.

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