Thursday Shortbread

7 Up

  1. Mashable: Foxconn will now pay Microsoft for every Android device it makes
  2. Reuters: Yahoo! posts flat first-quarter revenue on declining display ad sales
  3. Intel CEO on Windows 8 woes: Pesky 'adoption curve'—C|Net
  4. Intel: PC market set to remain weak, but Haswell brings new hopes
  5. X-bit labs: Intel's next-generation platform to support Serial ATA Express natively
  6. Fudzilla: Haswell tablets to offer 8- to 10-hour battery life
    and delayed Tegra 4 now aims at tablets
  7. Bloomberg: Samsung's Galaxy S4 phone will go on sale next week in U.S.


  1. Google Fiber—on the silicon prairie, the silicon hills, and now the silicon slopes
  2. X-bit labs: AMD Radeon HD 7990 "Malta" available through eBay sale
  3. Dealzon's deals: $100 off 15.6" Asus K55 i5-3210M, $75 coupon
    for 15.6" hp g6t Select i5-2450M, and $25 coupon for Lenovo
    wireless TouchPad

  1. ZDNet has Nokia Q1 preview: 'Make or break
    quarter' on Windows Phone sales (thanks dpaus)
  2. WPCentral shares rumor: Nokia's PR2.0 major
    firmware update for Lumias aiming for a July release
  3. Madshrimps review Coby Kyros tablet
  4. Legit Reviews on BlackBerry Z10 smartphone
  5. Hardware.Info reviews Eminent WiFi travel reader and WiFi travel router
  6. MegaTechReviews on EnerPlex Kickr IV USB solar charger
Software and gaming

  1. Phoronix: AMD Radeon Gallium3D more competitive with Catalyst on Linux
  2. [H]'s BioShock Infinite video card performance and IQ review
Systems and storage

  1. HotHardware: Embracing Windows 8 with a new PC system build
  2. Bits and Chips review Asus VivoBook X202E (in Italian)
  3. KitGuru reviews MSI Z77A-GD65
  4. TweakTown's consumer (Samsung & OCZ) vs. enterprise
    (SMART Optimus) SSD performance analysis
  5. The SSD Review on 512GB Samsung PM841 mSATA SSD
  6. Hardware.Info tests the lifespan of Samsung's 250GB 840 series SSD (update)
  7. PCPer reviews 240GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD
  8. Ocaholic updates SSD charts
Multimedia, power, and cooling

  1. NinjaLane reviews MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost
  2. Guru3D's Club3D Radeon HD 7870 Joker review
  3. Hardware Secrets: How to install and configure a dedicated PhysX video card
  4. LanOC Reviews on Diamond BizView 750
  5. ThinkComputers on RHA MA450i earphones
  6. PureOC reviews Roccat Isku keyboard and Kone XTD mouse
  7. Benchmark Reviews on AZiO KB577U Levetron MECH5 keyboard
  8. TweakTown reviews 650W Enermax Triathlor FC PSU
  9. techPowerUp! reviews Gelid Solutions The Black Edition
  10. Madshrimps review Scythe Ashura CPU cooler
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