It's that time again

I know you've been looking forward to this moment all weekend. It's time for this week's poll topic. Before I get into this week's question, let's look at last week's results, about which dead web sites we miss the most. Oddly enough, BXBoards, which isn't quite dead yet, led the voting with 25%. This narrowly edged out Daily Radar, which garnered 23% of your farewell tears, with the others rounding out around 10% each.

This week sees the contentious topic of subscription-based software on the table. As Windows XP will almost surely come under Microsoft's "software as a service" model, I'm wondering what kind of pricing scheme would make the service model attractive to consumers. The question for this week is as follows:

What percentage of the full retail price is reasonable for a yearly OS subscription?
You've got a couple of numbers to choose from, and of course the option to balk on subscription-based model itself. Freedom of expression is just a mouse click away. Go vote!
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