Intel intros 80GB version of its 335 Series SSD

In October of last year, Intel introduced its 335 Series solid-state drive, a SandForce-powered offering based on 20-nm IMFT flash memory. The drive was available in only one flavor: 240GB. Intel went on to add a more affordable 180GB variant in February, but that's as low as it went.

Until today, that is. Earlier this morning, Intel announced that an 80GB version of the 335 Series is now available.

The announcement was posted in the company's Chip Shots blog, and it's a little tight on specifics. "All capacities are available in a standard 2.5-inch form factor," it says. "As with the recently announced 180GB model, the 80GB drive will be offered in a new case design. Current pricing and availability is available from resellers or online retailers." The official 335 Series product page doesn't even list the model yet.

However, the 80GB 335 Series is already selling at Amazon. It costs $102.97, or $1.28 per gigabyte, which is a little on the pricey side for an SSD these days. The 240GB and 180GB versions of the 335 Series sell for $215.26 and $176.99, respectively, which works out to just under a dollar a gig for each. I suppose the 80GB drive may come down in price, though—and the fact that a cheaper option is available will surely please budget-bound buyers.

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