Hey, guys. This post is almost too painful to write, but yes, I am indeed working on a Radeon HD 7990 review. And yes, it's late. I hate this, believe me. I worked long hours, even through the weekend, trying to finish the thing on time, but it's just not ready yet.

As you might imagine, getting a handle on the issue of multi-GPU micro-stuttering is key to any evaluation of a dual-GPU product like the 7990. I said in the conclusion to my article on frame captures that my next step was to address that issue. (You really should read that article, if you haven't yet. Nobody else took quite the same approach, I think.)

I'm trying to produce a focused, fair, and honest look at the problem, but doing that well is a non-trivial endeavor. Please bear with me. I'm already proud of what I've got cooking, and I think you'll enjoy it once it's ready.

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