1. Electic Tech on Apple stores and Pentium 4 sales
  2. Hexus on U.K. launch of mobile Athlon 4
  3. The Inquirer on slow Pentium 4 sales (thanks rand)
  4. Futurelooks on PC Guardian's notebook guardian
  5. SystemLogic reviews Battle for Naboo
  6. Zero Credits: lamer population on rise (humor)
  7. Website du jour:

  1. GamePC's 3-way GeForce 3 shootout
  2. PCstats reviews Hitachi CML151XW 15" TFT flatscreen display
  3. Dan's Data reviews silver input devices: A4 Tech GreatEYE optical 4D mouse
    and Ortek MCK-800 keyboard
  4. Envy News reviews NAPA DAV315 MP3/CD player

  1. Amdmb tests copper heatsinks: Kanie Hedgehog, OCZ Gladiator, and Globalwin CAK-38
  2. FrostyTech reviews Neng Tyi SN03 copper heatsink
  3. Icrontic reviews Tt Mini Copper Orb
  4. Tech-GODS review CPUfx CORE cooler
  5. Envy News reviews non-conductive CPU spacer
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