Watch Dogs hitting PCs, consoles on November 19

We've seen Watch Dogs in trailers and teasers for months. Now, finally, we know when it's coming out. A Ubisoft press release quoted by Joystiq says the game will hit stores in North America on November 19. Europeans will have to wait a few more days, until November 22.

According to Ubisoft, the game will be out on launch day for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U. A PlayStation 4 release is also mentioned, but based on the odd and somewhat grammatically shaky wording of the announcement, I can't tell whether it'll be out on the same day as the others. A version of the game seems to be in the works for the next-gen Xbox, as well, but the press release doesn't quote a release date for it.

Oh, well; at least we've got a new trailer to chew on while we wait and ponder the mysteries of corporate public relations. Take a gander:

Watch Dogs is set in a near-future Chicago, where the main character uses his elite hacking skills to make the city's computer systems do his bidding. Developer Ubisoft Montreal revealed a couple of months back that it's developing the game for the PC first, with console versions being adapted accordingly. And you know what that means: enough eye candy to induce ocular diabetes.

One would hope, anyway.

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