Faster processors spruce up AMD FX lineup

In a blog post on its website, AMD has revealed faster additions to its FX processor lineup—sorry, make that its "legendary" and "much beloved" FX lineup. The FX name is indeed legendary, harkening back to the days when AMD could sell ultra-high-end processors like the Athlon 64 FX-51 for more than $700 a pop. It still denotes AMD's high-end desktop chips, but now, those CPUs live south of $200 and are sold on value rather than all-out performance.

Unfortunately, today's fresh faces do not include the rumored Centurion, which was supposed to usher in a return to premium prices. Instead, the latest arrivals provide modest speed bumps over the two- and three-module (quad- and six-thread) Vishera derivatives in the middle of the FX lineup. The FX-6350 slots in above the current 6300, while the FX-4350 occupies a similar position ahead of the 4300.

Model Modules/
Clock speed Cache size TDP Price
Base Turbo L2 L3
FX-6350 3/6 3.9GHz 4.2GHz 6MB 8MB 125W $139
FX-6300 3/6 3.5GHz 4.1GHz 6MB 8MB 95W $139
FX-4350 2/4 3.9GHz 4.3GHz 4MB 8MB 125W $130
FX-4300 2/4 3.8GHz 4.0GHz 4MB 4MB 95W $120

Sorry, no love for the four-module/eight-thread FX-8000 family.

The FX-6350's base clock speed has increased by a healthy margin, but the maximum Turbo frequency is only up 100MHz from its predecessor. With the FX-4350, the base clock speed is 100MHz higher, the Turbo speed has gone up 300MHz, and the L3 cache has doubled from 4MB to 8MB. Both the FX-4350 and FX-6350 have higher TDPs than their predecessors.

Newegg already lists both processors, although only the FX-6350 is in stock. That part is priced at $139, just like the 6300, so you're getting extra speed for free. The FX-4350 carries a $10 premium over the 4300, but you can't actually buy one just yet. I'd expect its eventual street price to drift closer to the $122 AMD quotes in its blog post.

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