AnandTech takes another look at GeForce 3

This might help Dr. Damage find his muse. Seriously, AT investigates the technology behind the GF3 and uncovers some things that NVIDIA didn't tell us.
What didn't NVIDIA tell us about their latest creation? Hopefully, you will find the answers at the end of this article. This article sets out to unravel the secrets held within the little black box that is the GeForce3. As a matter of fact, quite a few of these nuggets of information are publicly available but require patience in sifting through the noise and funny names; others from running benchmarks on an 850 MHz Athlon Thunderbird at a dozen different settings day in and day out, swapping a GeForce2 Ultra with a GeForce3 using the latest drivers (Driver version: Still others come under the section of industrial secrets. The GeForce3's depth buffer optimizations (Z-compression, Z-occlusion culling and Crossbar memory controller) belong to this category.
Written by Kert Chian, the exposition includes large graphs that help illustrate his findings about the vertex shader and anti-aliasing. This is a good read that should make you think twice about that GF3 purchase as the prices continue to fall.
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