Grand Theft Auto V trailer introduces main characters

Grand Theft Auto is due out September 17, and Rockstar has released a new trailer that provides some background on the game's three characters. The protagonists are introduced separately, and it looks like each one will bring something different to the table. Warning: there's some adult language in the trailer that might not be safe for work or small children.

While short on gameplay footage, the trailer nicely introduces the three characters. Michael has plenty of money, an apparently shady past, and a therapist to help him deal with a mid-life crisis. Franklin's the requsite gang-banger, and his portion of the trailer teases the strip club scene that seems to make it into every GTA title. Then there's Trevor, a hillbilly drug dealer with rough edges to spare.

Watching the story unfold from three perspectives should be interesting, and the graphics look OK. PC gamers may have to wait to get their hands on the title, though. Rockstar's website only lists versions of the game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Grand Theft Auto IV launched first on those consoles before migrating to the PC six months later, and it looks like the PC version of GTA V may also lag behind. Let's hope the wait is shorter this timeā€”and that the PC release comes with a little something extra in the graphics department. Rockstar is surely planning a version of the game for the PlayStation 4, and I suspect it will share higher-fidelity assets with the PC release.

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