AMD trims A-series, FX-series processor prices

There's been a minor shakeup in AMD's processor lineup. Earlier this week, the company introduced slightly quicker successors to its FX-6300 and FX-4300 processors. Now, we see AMD has also updated its price list, and a few processors—the FX-6300 and FX-4300 included—have gotten a wee bit cheaper.

CPU-World was the one to notice the revised price list, and we were able to corroborate the cuts by comparing the figures in AMD's current Processor Pricing pages to those in Google's cache. Here's what has changed:

Processor Old price New price Change
A6-3600 $95 $77 19%
A8-3800 $105 $91 13%
A8-3820 $115 $101 12%
A6-5400K BE $67 $57 15%
A8-5500 $101 $91 10%
A8-5600K BE $101 $91 10%
FX-4300 BE $122 $108 11%
FX-6300 BE $132 $112 15%
FX-8320 BE $169 $153 9%
Phenom II X4 965 BE $91 $81 11%

As always when it comes to AMD's and Intel's official CPU prices, the figures above apply to 1,000-unit tray prices. Retail pricing may (and most likely will) vary.

The A6-3600, A8-3800, and A8-3820 are all older Llano chips, so it's no surprise to see them get cheaper. These days, people ought to be buying newer, Trinity-based offerings, instead. The cuts do affect a few Trinity chips—the A6-5400K, A8-5500, and A8-5600K—but the flagship A10-5800K is still listed at $122 in AMD's price list, or $129.99 at Newegg.

As for the FX-8320, it should now be just as affordable as the older FX-8120, which was AMD's cheapest "eight-core" processor. Retail prices haven't yet adjusted to account for that equalization, though. Newegg charges $174.99 for the FX-8320 and $159.99 for the FX-8120.

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