Teaser hints at customizable, high-res UEFI for Gigabyte's Haswell boards

Add another image to the growing pile of shots teasing Gigabyte's upcoming Haswell motherboards. So far, we've seen board close-ups and an updated EasyTune software interface. In its latest reveal, Gigabyte provides a glimpse of its next-generation UEFI.

The screenshot is shrunken, and some of the details have been blurred, so there's only so much we can glean from the latest teaser. (A slightly larger version of the image is available in the gallery below.) That said, even this limited view of the interface suggests Gigabyte has made big changes from its existing firmware—and I don't just mean switching from blue accents to orange ones. The new UEFI appears to ring a central options panel with real-time monitoring panes that track key system variables. It looks like users will be able to select which options appear in a customized options panel, as well.

While we see little of the underlying graphic, the background image seems to have a much higher resolution than is typical for motherboard firmware, which is usually rendered at only 1024x768. The screenshot has a 16:9 aspect ratio, suggesting the UEFI may support resolutions up to the now-ubiquitious 1080p. Although it's hard to see, "F3 Resolution" appears in the bottom right corner, hinting that users will have some control over how many pixels the firmware fires at the display.

Now that motherboard makers have become more familiar with the UEFI replacement for the old-school BIOS, we should see more innovative firmware interfaces and features. A higher-resolution GUI would certainly be welcome, and I quite like the idea of a customizable options panel. We'll be able to tell you more about Gigabyte's new UEFI and what other motherboard makers are doing with their next-generation firmware when Haswell launches in June.

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