Rumor: Existing GPUs may power GeForce GTX 760 Ti, 770, 780

Expecting a new generation of GPUs from Nvidia soon? Well, don't hold your breath. Fuad Abazovic over at Fudzilla says he's gleaned some details about high-end GeForce GTX 700-series parts due in June, and he says the new cards will be re-branded versions of existing products.

Quoting unnamed sources, Abazovic outlines specs for three offerings: the GeForce GTX 760 Ti, GeForce GTX 770, and GeForce GTX 780. He says the first of the bunch "in reality represents a rebranded GTX 670." Users can reportedly expect a GK104 GPU with a 256-bit memory interface and a board design similar to that of existing GTX 670 cards. Similarly, the GTX 770 is said to be "more or less a GTX 680 renamed for 2013," albeit with a different cooler and slightly better performance.

The GTX 780 sounds a tad more interesting, at least. Abazovic says that model will be powered by a "Titan LE" chip with a 256-bit memory interface. In other words, we may be looking at a pared-down version of the GK110-based GeForce GTX Titan. The GTX 780 could therefore have a sizable performance advantage over the existing GTX 680, despite the recycled GPU. We'll have to see how Nvidia prices the newcomer, though. The only GK110-based GeForce out today, the GTX Titan, costs about a thousand bucks right now.

If these rumors are correct and the GTX 700-series is made up of re-branded parts, then Nvidia will be in good company. A few months ago, we learned that AMD's desktop Radeon HD 8000 series, which is being sold only to PC makers, mainly comprises re-branded 7000-series graphics cards. AMD doesn't plan to have truly next-generation GPUs out until late this year.

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