Compaq tied to Rambus?

Looks like Intel isn't the only one hot and bothered over Rambus.
According to one insider intimate with Compaq's plans, if things get any worse for Rambus, knees will be trembling in Houston but the quivers will not be those of pleasure but of fear.

The future Alpha technology relies on the Rambus ticket so much that the Big Q would have to redesign everything from scratch, he added.

While Intel has SDR and DDR chipsets on the way for its Rambus-exclusive P4, it would appear that Compaq has no such contingency plan. If the Rambus situation messes with Compaq's Alpha plans, it could be a boon for Intel's upcoming server platforms - Intel could finally have something good come from the numerous Rambus-related problems. Though, regardless of Rambus, everyone could still get Hammered by AMD.
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