AMD intros 2133MHz memory kit, faster RAM disk software

Yes, AMD still makes system memory. Not only that, but it's just introduced its quickest memory kit ever: the Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series, which packs four 4GB DDR3 modules capable of operating at up to 2133MHz.

That speed is attainable with a 1.65V signal voltage and 10-11-11-30 timings. AMD says the Gamer Series modules support both Intel XMP profiles and its own AMP profiles, so configuration should be painless and relatively automatized. Oh, and the DIMMs boast a new heat spreader design that wraps around the top of the module. Owners of extra-wide heatsinks should still be fine, though, because the total height of each DIMM is still only 30 mm (1.18").

The new Gamer Series kit is already available at Newegg. It costs $154.99 with free shipping, and it comes with a free copy of AMD's Radeon RAMDisk 64GB software.

As we reported last year, the RAMDisk software lets you turn part of your system memory into speedy solid-state storage, which can shorten load times for games and other applications. The latest version of the software, numbered 1.1, includes performance improvements that impact system startup and shutdown. Compared to the previous release, AMD says the latest update speeds up cold boots by a factor or three and shutdowns by a factor of 20. We're told the "Load in Background" and "Background Update" settings must be enabled for those performance improvements to kick in.

For the record, AMD doesn't actually make these memory modules itself. Rather, New Jersey firm Dataram takes care of manufacturing and testing, purportedly according to AMD's standards. Dataram is also the company behind the RAMDisk software AMD bundles (in re-branded form) with the memory.

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