1. Overclockers Online accuses M3DZone of plagiarism over Abit KT7E review; M3DZone responds.
    Compare the pictures between the two reviews: Overclockers Online dated May 13 and M3DZone dated May 16 and judge for yourselves.
  2. MS Security Bulletin (MS01-027): flaws in web server certificate validation could enable spoofing
  3. osOpinion: how does the capitalist view Open Source?
  4. FYI: Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 market bulletin (thanks Jeff Lenzkes)
  5. Review Zone on upcoming technology
  6. HardwareCentral on the Transmeta experiment
  7. Electic Tech on Crucial PC2100 selling for PC133 SDRAM prices
  8. OC-Melbourne reviews XFce: Window manager for *nix systems
  9. Website du jour: - everything Hi-Fi online

  1. FullOn3D reviews Gigabyte GA-7DXR
  2. Active Hardware reviews Biostar M6TSS 815EP
  3. Icrontic Forums has modified BIOS files for Abit KT7 series
  4. New BIOS files for Iwill KK-266, KA266, KK-266R, and KA266-R (thanks SocketA)

  1. Tom's Hardware on NAB 2001: the state of digital video
  2. Hardware One reviews ELSA Gladiac 920
  3. Digit Life reviews Acer ScanWit 2720S film scanner
  4. Digit Life's modem buyer's guide
  5. Dan's Data reviews Aten UC-2000L USB docking station
  6. Hardware Daily reviews Evergreen Technologies RumbleFX headphones
  7. EverythingUSB reviews SonicBlue Rio 800 128MB MP3 player

  1. Icrontic on different case fan configurations
  2. Mikhailtech reviews Cyber Cooler HC-160 HDD cooler
  3. AthlonOC reviews Swiftech MC462-A HSF
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