Stable Firefox for Modern UI due in the fall

About three months ago, Firefox's Modern UI interface made its first appearance in the nightly build channel. We haven't heard much Modern UI talk from Mozilla since then, though. How is development coming along?

As PC World reports, the answer lies in the freshly updated Mozilla wiki. That wiki says we may see the first stable build of Firefox for Modern UI in November:

A new addition to a Mozilla Wiki noted that the browser will be completed Oct. 2, 2013, at the earliest, or nearly a year after the launch of Windows 8. But the project could be delayed until March 20, 2014. The most probable finish date—based on programming pace so far—is closer to the former than the latter: Nov. 19, 2013.

Mozilla is "a third of the way" through developing the Modern UI version of Firefox, PC World adds.

Development began in early March of last year, and Mozilla showed an early proof-of-concept the following month. If the dev team is only a third done, then it sounds like development is speeding up—or already has. Mozilla needs to get cracking if it wants to wrap things up by the November 19 deadline.

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