Release roundup: Power supplies and speedy DDR3

Each week, our release roundups gather some of the announcements and press releases that hit our inbox but didn't make it into our daily coverage. This time, we have news from Cooler Master, Enermax, and Silicon Power:

  • Cooler Master unveils V Series power supply. These Cooler Master PSUs feature 80 Plus Gold certification, but the company claims the units "far [exceed] the parameters of the breadth of operational efficiency exhibited by a typical 80 Plus Gold PSU." Other purported perks include fancy Japanese capacitors, high-quality 42-mm transformers, a "custom PCB interface," a 135-mm fluid-dynamic-bearing fan, and modular cables (which have a flat, ribbon-like design). Cooler Master offers 700W, 850W, and 1000W versions priced at $159.99, $189.99, and $209.99, respectively. I understand all three models are Haswell-ready, too.

  • From Enermax - a new, advanced edtion of the NAXN power supply. According to Enermax, the new NAXN ADV power supply has the same goodies as the original NAXN, including 80 Plus Bronze certification. However, the company says it's added some "refinements," including Japanese electrolytic capacitors, a double-ball-bearing fan, a "100% flexible flat cable design," improved fan speed control, a redesigned air intake, and a tighter-fitting AC cord. You'll find these puppies in 450W, 550W, and 650W variants. Newegg already has the 550W and 650W ones in stock for $84.99 and $89.99, respectively.

  • SP/Silicon Power presents the new generation of Xpower DDR3 memory module–unleash the extreme. I don't know about unleashing the extreme, but this new line of DDR3 modules from Silicon Power does include some pretty speedy offerings. The company has 8GB and 16GB dual-channel kits in DDR3-1600, DDR3-1866, DDR3-2133, and DDR3-2400 flavors. The lowest two of those speeds are achieved with a CAS latency of 9, while the 2133MHz and 2400MHz modules are rated for operation at CL11. Silicon Power quotes a signal voltage of 1.65V for all modules, and it says Intel XMP profiles are supported, as well.

Yeah, nothing too terribly exciting this week. Well, except for that Enermax promotional video... I never knew power supplies could race.

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