Friday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Intel: Keeping up with Moore's Law is becoming a challenge - PCWorld
  2. X-bit labs: New benchmark results of Core i "Haswell" hit the web
  3. Ocaholic: Core i7-4770K 4.8GHz air-cooled and with only 0.9V
  4. Nvidia: Discrete GPU market set to prosper for years to come - X-bit labs
  5. Android Authority: "New Nexus 7" specs outed by
    analyst? Android 4.3, Snapdragon S4 Pro, and more
  6. Nokia Lumia 928: First hands-on video
  7. The Chromium Blog: Integrate Chrome with your iOS app
  8. Joystiq: Ouya launch delayed to June 25, controller defect being fixed


  1. WSJ: Future for Microsoft set-top box is uncertain
  2. PCPer's podcast
  3. Dealzon's deals: $500 coupon for 15.6" 1080p Lenovo IdeaPad
    Y500 i7-3630QM / GeForce GT 750M 2GB, $270 coupon for
    Lenovo IdeaCentre K430 i7-3770 / GeForce GT 630 2GB,
    $159 off refurbished 21.5" Samsung LED monitor, and $70 off
    refurbished 24" Vizio LED HDTV

  1. Computerworld: More support for Windows RT, this time from Nvidia
  2. Hardware Heaven's BlackBerry Q10 review
  3. KitGuru's 64GB Kingston Wi-Drive review

  1. OCC's StarDrive review
Systems and storage

  1. Ocaholic: Core i7-4770K overclocking validations
  2. Hardware.Info reviews 12 budget motherboards
  3. Legit Reviews pits Seagate Desktop HDD.15 vs. WD Black HDDs
  4. Benchmark Reviews on 120GB 120GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD

  1. Guru3D's Asus GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini review
  2. HT4U on Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan (in German)
  3. techPowerUp! on Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor
  4. TweakTown's Logitech G19s keyboard review
Power, case, and cooling

  1. HTL reviews 1000W Cooler Master V-series PSU
  2. TweakTown reviews Thermaltake Chaser A41 case
  3. [H]ard|OCP reviews Prolimatech
    Genesis and Fenrir Titan CPU coolers
  4. Madshrimps review EK Waterblock LT 360 kit
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