Eazel closes shop

C|Net reports on this sad news.
Eazel was founded by veterans of some of the most successful consumer endeavors in computing history. These included Chief Executive Mike Boich, who joined Apple Computer in 1982 and was an evangelist for the budding Macintosh project, and "Software Wizard" Andy Hertzfeld, who started at Apple in 1979, where he wrote much of the original Macintosh OS.

Eazel's work was an extension of the GNOME user interface that sought to make a graphical interface as easy to use as those that made the Macintosh and AOL hits with average consumers. With the current GNOME and the competing KDE user interfaces for Linux, it's still hard to avoid typing in commands.

Another potential bright light is extinguished. The newer distros do a good job but I guess the search for a more user-friendly GUI for Linux continues.

Update: Salon has a story on life after Eazel.

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