Here are some Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots

We were all excited to hear about the upcoming Wolfenstein sequel last week, but Bethesda didn't give us much to chew on—just a highly stylized teaser trailer, a handful of details about the game, and a rough release time frame (the fourth quarter of this year).

Well, now, we have some screenshots—11 of them, to be precise. They all popped up on the official Wolfenstein: The New Order Facebook page earlier today, and we've taken the liberty of including them in the image gallery at the end of this post. Here's a shrunken version of one of the shots, just to whet your appetite:

The other images depict Nazi robots, weird-looking character models, and what looks like a Nazi-occupied London. Some of the environments have a distinctly gritty and messy quality to them, which may be a result of the megatexture technology being used. (The New Order is based on id Tech 5, the same engine as Rage.) The art direction doesn't seem all that inspired, though—at least not from what I can see.

By the way, one of the shots has an ad with the words "Nächster Halt: Mars!" written on it. That means "Next stop: Mars!" in German. The initial teaser for The New Order mentioned something about the Nazis dominating Earth "and beyond," so this might be an early clue about the game's extra-terrestrial setting. A Nazi colony on Mars would fit with the Philip K. Dick theme—The Man in the High Castle was also set in the 1960s after an Axis victory, and there was talk in the book of Nazi colonies on Mars, Venus, and the Moon.

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