Latest Das Keyboard flavor features Cherry MX red switches

The folks at Das Keyboard have expanded their line of mechanical keyboards again. This time, they've introduced a model called the Model S Professional Quiet, which is based on Cherry's MX red key switches.

We know the red switches very well: we tested them in multiple keyboards not long ago. The reds produce neither an audible click nor a tactile bump when actuated, and their linear response curve means keys just slide down smoothly until they bottom out. The switches have rather soft springs, too, so they feel very light. (The actuation force is only 45 g.) It's like you're invited to bottom out with each keystroke.

Das Keyboard touts the quiet operation of the red switches, which it says is helpful in voice and video conferencing apps. The reds are also popular among some gamers. I can see the appeal in fast-paced strategy titles, where being able to repeat keystrokes as quickly as possible is important. That said, I'm not a fan of the reds for pure typing—the lack of mechanical feedback invites missed keystrokes and makes typing feel imprecise.

The Model S Professional Quiet is available now from Das Keyboard for $149 with free shipping. The keyboard has a USB 2.0 hub, media keys, a sleep button, and support for full n-key rollover via a PS/2 adapter. In those respects, the new model is identical to the Model S Professional Tactile Soft and Clicky offerings, which are based on Cherry MX brown (tactile, non-clicky) and blue (tactile, clicky) switches, respectively. The three keyboard variants all share the same external design, as well.

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