Howdy, all. Just an update on several things.

First, there is a lot going on around here in the next several weeks—busiest I have ever seen it, or close to it. We'll have to manage our time carefully just to get through it all. On that note, we have decided to postpone the next episode of the podcast, so look for it to be posted not this coming weekend but the following one. I know we've done that a little too often lately, but this particular schedule tweak is pretty much unavoidable. We'll have a lot more time to record and a lot more to talk about by syncing up with our review publication schedule, believe me.

Next, thanks to everybody who offered their CPU benchmarking suggestions when I asked the other day. I've been watching the thread and reading your emails, and they're quite helpful. Part of what I see there is validation for the approach we've taken in our last round of reviews, which is nice. I also see some concrete suggestions for specific tests, some of which we'll try to add. Heck, Cyril has already cooked up a new x264 encoding test using the latest builds with AVX support and more robust encoding switches. Maybe even more importantly, I've been able to gather a broader sense of what most folks would like to see out of our reviews. That big-picture reminder will help us shape what we do going forward.

Now, I can tell you up front that I can't incorporate all—or even most—of your suggestions into the very next round of reviews. The time windows we get for testing are pretty small, and some benchmarks are too time-consuming to develop; adding them right now wouldn't be practical. Still, I'm hoping to add a few new wrinkles to our suite. I also see the possibility for future articles, outside of the usual day-of-release reviews, where we could focus on some of the more intriguing or popular requests we can't address elsewhere.

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