The PC graphics market was kind to Nvidia last quarter

The folks at Jon Peddie Research have published their estimates for the PC graphics market in the last quarter. Their findings? "The news was disappointing for Intel, but encouraging for Nvidia and for AMD on the desktop," JPR writes.

If you're not familiar with JPR's graphics data, here's the Cliff's Notes version: the firm accounts for both integrated and discrete graphics solutions inside PCs. However, it excludes servers and ARM-based devices like phones, tablets, and so-called smartbooks.

Here's JPR's market share data for the first quarter of 2013, plus the first and fourth quarters of 2012 for reference:

Vendor Q1 2012 Q4 2012 Q1 2013
AMD 25.2% 19.7% 20.2%
Intel 59.1% 63.1% 61.8%
Nvidia 15.1% 16.8% 18.0%

Nvidia clearly did well; its market share grew compared to both the previous quarter and the same quarter a year back. Things were more mixed for AMD and Intel. AMD saw a modest sequential rise but a pretty steep year-on-year drop (about five points). Conversely, Intel enjoyed a small year-on-year rise but suffered from a sequential drop in market share.

What about shipments? JPR says that, while overall PC shipments declined 13.7% sequentially last quarter, PC graphics shipments only went down 3.2%. That means there's an "interest on the part of consumers" to add discrete GPUs to machines that already have integrated graphics—what JPR calls "double-attach." That said, compared to last year, overall PC shipments and graphics shipments declined by about the same amount: 12.6% and 12.9%, respectively.

According to JPR, AMD saw shipments drop 0.3% sequentially and 29.4% year-on-year. Intel weathered decreases of 5.3% sequentially and 8.8% compared to last year, while Nvidia reportedly enjoyed increases of 3.6% both sequentially and year-on-year. I guess it's no wonder Nvidia's latest quarterly earnings beat Wall Street estimates.

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