Jaguar heads to servers aboard AMD's Opteron X-Series

Only days after introducing its laptop-bound Kabini APUs, AMD has released a family of server chips based on the same architecture. Just like their consumer-oriented siblings, the Opteron X-Series processors boast quad Jaguar CPU cores, integrated Radeon HD 8000-series graphics, integrated I/O, tight power envelopes, and BGA packages.

Processor CPU
CPU speed IGP
IGP speed TDP range Price
Opteron X1150 4 Up to 2.0GHz N/A N/A 9 – 17W $64
Opteron X2150 4 Up to 1.9GHz 128 266 to 600MHz 11 – 22W $99

According to AMD, the Opteron X2150 is the "first server APU system-on-a-chip integrating CPU and GPU engines with a high-speed bus on a single die." The X1150, meanwhile, is a lower-power model without integrated graphics that's "optimized for general scale-out workloads." (The X1150 is presumably based on the same silicon as its big brother, but with the IGP disabled.)

AMD is aiming these chips at "scale-out server architectures," and it claims they're the "most power-efficient small core x86 processors ever built." The company isn't making that claim lightly: the official press release includes a table that directly compares the newcomers to Intel's Atom S1260 server processor.

If AMD is to be believed, the X-Series Opterons are quicker than the Atom S1260 in both single-threaded and multithreaded workloads, and they support more memory (32GB vs. 8GB) as well as faster memory speeds (1600MHz vs. 1333MHz). Other perks include more CPU cores, faster integrated graphics, and built-in Serial ATA connectivity. (Just like Kabini, these chips are system-on-a-chip devices that don't require a separate platform hub.)

The Opteron X1150 and X2150 are "available now" for $64 and $99, respectively.

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