Ex-Homeworld devs show first Hardware: Shipbreakers gameplay

The first couple of Hardware: Shipbreakers trailers were pretty good. They provided some back-story for the game, which is an RTS being developed by some members of the old Homeworld team. The trailers also depicted a distinctive visual style that, at times, resembled a painting in motion. But they lacked actual gameplay footage.

Well, good news: in episode three of what I assume will be an ongoing series, the folks behind Hardware have given us a glimpse of the game in action.

While the in-game visuals seem to dial back the artistic flair compared to the first trailers, the overall style still comes through. Unfortunately, the footage stops short of showing combat. That's probably coming in Episode 4. Perhaps we'll also get to see more of the game's interface, as well, which looks like it transitions smoothly from an in-action camera to a top-down strategic view.

A closed beta for Hardware: Shipbreakers is slated to start in the fourth quarter, so we're still looking at reasonably early footage. I wouldn't expect the freemium game to be finished until next year.

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