news acers 8 inch win8 tablet is official costs 380

Acer’s 8-inch Win8 tablet is official, costs $380

We’ve known about the Iconia W3 ever since Amazon jumped the gun on a retail listing last month. Now, though, the device is officially out. Acer announced it yesterday evening, and the company says you’ll be able to buy the device tomorrow starting at $379.99.

The Iconia W3 features an 8.1″ display with a 1280×800 resolution—a first for a Windows 8 tablet, if I’m not mistaken. Under the hood lurks an Atom Z2760 processor, either 32GB or 64GB of solid-state storage, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and an eight-hour battery. Other perks include a Micro-HDMI output, a microSD slot (good for an additional 32GB of storage), and a pair of two-megapixel cameras: one at the front and one at the rear.

All told, this little tablet weighs 1.1 lbs and is 0.45″ thick. That makes it a little more chunky than, say, the Nexus 7 or the iPad mini, but keep in mind this is a full-fledged PC that will happily (although perhaps not speedily) run x86 software. For an idea of how the Atom Z2760 performs, check out our review of the Asus VivoTab Smart. That tablet has larger display but similar internals.

Oh, and Acer says it’s offering a keyboard accessory for the Iconia W3. The accessory connects to the device via Bluetooth, but it still behaves like a physical dock. Acer explains that the keyboard “holds the tablet upright for typing” but “conveniently docks to the tablet to lay flat for easy screen-protected transportation.” Interestingly, the keyboard is also wider than the tablet itself. It was intended to be as wide as the keyboard from a 13″ notebook.

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  1. Substantially so; core for core Atom is faster than the fastest ARM processors (with lower battery use to boot).

    The catch is, this is x86 Windows. For Metro apps the W3 will be the fastest tablet you can buy – for Windows apps? That’s a different story. The Atom is probably the slowest x86 processor (as compared with AMD’s and Intel’s most recent stuff). So I wouldn’t plan on doing anything major – but if you just want *access* to Windows desktop apps, and aren’t worried about doing anything too intensive – this will be a solid machine.

  2. Hey guys, have Intel Atom processors gotten any better since 2011? The Atom in my 1st-gen Samsung Chromebook is not… good.

  3. People who hated netbooks — which was mostly a smattering of tech nerds who either never would have bought such a small device in the first place or else could afford the insane prices of pre-netbook ultraportables — assume the market hated them.

  4. The limitations of Metro apps that bother me are mostly due to there not being many of them. Honorable mention goes to the crappy version of multitasking MS keeps trying to kludge in.

  5. Uh, what? Market never hated netbooks. They were very popular in their day. They’ve been replaced by tablets and hybrids because the market has found those to be superior to what a netbook can offer. It’s just basic evolution. Your logic is muddled.

  6. 1280×800 isn’t bad at all for docs and browsing. If they get this updated with Bay Trail-T for the same price I’m going to be interested.

  7. [quote<]I am hoping this will be my sweetspot for OneNote at work meetings.[/quote<] Any idea if it has an active digitizer? Otherwise, it would be very sad for OneNote.

  8. Sure, and a drop in battery life from current 8 hours to 4-5 hours, and active cooling.


  10. Will you be doing a review of this tablet?

    I am hoping this will be my sweetspot for OneNote at work meetings.


  11. Hehe. I think your post was so ironic, it wrapped back round to being factual.

    In all seriousness, though, I ‘m more interested in a Temash version myself. Intel’s intentional crippling of Atom to 2 GB of RAM means it’s not very useful for traditional windows/x86/x64 programs, and the limitations of metro/modernUI apps still gall me.

  12. the netbook used to come with 2GB ram, 320G HD, 1 camera, 11″ low res screen, and keyboard+touch pad for <$400. market hated it. netbook is dead.

    Atom comes back running Windows (the real version) again. 2GB ram, 32GB flash, 2 cameras, 8″ hi-res screen, thinner profile, for <$400; extra charge for keyboard. hooray for innovation

  13. I could use a Temash version. Or Kabini, though we’ll see if that actually happens. But since we’ve got i7 tablets, wouldn’t surprise me.

  14. Okay so it’s chunky, but since RT is a dead-end already, I am pleased that full-x86 W8 tablets are getting closer to ARM tablet prices.