Corsair adds tactile switches, tenkeyless footprint to Vengeance mechanical keyboards

Corsair's Vengeance keyboards are some of the nicest mechanical offerings around. They have stunning industrial designs, thoughtful features, and, finally, all-mechanical key switches. There's just one problem: to date, Vengeance keyboards have been available exclusively with Cherry MX red switches. This switch type has a light touch that's suitable for rapid-fire gaming, but its lack of tactile feedback is a turn-off for some users—especially those who spend more time typing than gaming.

Well, good news. At the Computex show in Taiwan, Corsair has revealed versions of the Vengeance K70 with MX brown and blue switches. Both switch types offer the tactile "bump" missing from their linear red counterparts. The blue variant requires an additional five grams of actuation force, too, and it produces an audible click with each successful keystroke.

Like the existing Vengeance K70, the new models have fast polling rates and anti-ghosting tech. They also employ slick backlighting that can be adjusted on a per-key basis. The new models are due in July and will priced at $130, just like the current MX red model.

Corsair will also start shipping its Vengeance K65 keyboard in July. This model will cost only $90, in part because it has fewer keys.

The K65 drops the numpad to provide a smaller footprint. Corsair says the spacing hasn't changed for the remaining keys; a few inches have just been taken off the right side of the board. Some other features have been cut, as well. The K65 lacks the volume roller present on full-sized Vengeance keyboards, and there's no backlighting.

I use the numpad a lot, so I couldn't get by with a tenkeyless design. However, I might be willing to trade an organ for the Vengeance K70 with MX brown switches. I've played around with the MX red version of the K70, and it's just about perfect. The only thing it needs is my favorite switch type... and maybe a pass-through USB 3.0 port.

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