Gigabyte, Quanta show AMD Temash Windows 8 tablets

Temash tablets are coming. The first day of Computex is barely over, and we've already caught wind of two devices based on AMD's new mobile APU. The first one is the Gigabyte S10A, which is launching with a matching "keyboard kit" and looks a wee bit chunky:

Pictured above with its keyboard kit accessory, the S10A features an AMD A4-1200 APU, up to 500GB of mechanical storage, USB 3.0 connectivity, and Windows 8. Gigabyte claims 14 hours of battery life, which might explain the apparent thickness of the chassis. Oh, and there's a free copy of Office Home 2013 in the mix—always handy to "take care of your business," as Gigabyte states.

Now, of course, Gigabyte laptops don't have a huge following in North America. This next system seems more likely to show up at Best Buy. It's a prototype by Quanta, one of the world's biggest contract manufacturers of mobile systems, and it was spotted on the Computex show floor by the folks at (Warning: the video is in German. There's still plenty of hardware eye candy, though—and some hands-on usage, which gives an indication of how fast the thing is.)

The Quanta prototype was also powered by the A4-1200, and according to Mobilegeeks, the system was decked out with "everything that is possible" in order to show off the platform's capabilities. That meant a 1080p IPS touch screen, 128GB of solid-state storage, and both 3G and LTE wireless connectivity. Mobilegeeks describes the system's performance as "adequate," but it says the touch screen wasn't calibrated well. I suppose that's no great surprise if this is indeed a prototype.

We've seen encouraging results from Kabini, Temash's notebook-bound big-brother, in both our performance and battery-life testing. If Temash can deliver the kind of battery life Gigabyte claims without throwing performance under the bus, these tablets could be promising. We'll have to nag some people to get our hands on one.

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