Asus' VivoMouse blurs line between mouse, touchpad, and remote

Asus has scores of fresh products on display at Computex trade show in Taipei this week. We've covered a couple of them already, and I can't stop thinking about this next one. Surprisingly, it's a mouse. And a touchpad. And a remote.

The VivoMouse uses an optical sensor for traditional tracking. While the sensor's 1200-DPI resolution doesn't set any records, it should be plenty precise for the average user. Obviously, this isn't a gaming mouse.

Instead of the usual array of buttons, the VivoMouse has a large disc that serves as a touchpad. It's unclear whether the touchpad is of the clicky variety, but Asus claims the full suite of Windows 8 gestures is supported. The touchpad isn't just meant for your fingertips, either. The VivoMouse is also contoured to be held like a remote, with your thumb on the touchpad.

With a 2.4GHz wireless connection to a USB-attached RF receiver, the VivoMouse should have enough range to reach home-theater PCs from the couch. Two AAs provide the power, which at least means you won't have to worry about proprietary batteries.

Asus' press materials don't say how much the VivoMouse will cost or when it'll be available. At the right price—and if the touchpad works as advertised—this could be a really nice hybrid input device for HTPCs. We may have to get one in-house for testing.

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