Morning, folks. As you may have seen, AMD has officially announced its Richland APUs for the desktop. These are tweaked "Trinity" processors with higher core and memory clocks and better power efficiency. I have a review in the works, but frankly, I'm a little beaten up by the process of cranking out our Haswell review, so I'm moving a little slowly. Gearing up and initiating a whole new round of CPU testing can be a grueling process. And I was writing for something like 14 hours on Sunday, and it takes a toll (not just on the writing quality, heh.)

I now have a Richland APU and three other CPUs running benchmarks in parallel here in Damage Labs.

Look closely and you'll see that more CPUs are queued up in front of the test rigs for another round of benchmarking after this one. Yes, that's a tray o' Intels.

Once these two rounds are finished, we'll compile the results and pull together the next review. Should include the A10-6700, A10-6800K "Richland" parts and two new-ish FX processors that haven't had enough attention, the FX-4350 and FX-6350. Oh, and the Core i7-4950HQ with Iris Pro graphics and eDRAM has a higher performance 55W TDP mode that I hope to test. Among other things!

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