Brookdale DDR in 2002?

Intel's i845 Brookdale chipset (Pentium 4 / PC-133 SDRAM) is slated for a fall release but The Inquirer is reporting that the DDR version of Brookdale will not see the light until next year.
Read Intel's lips: "For maximum performance, transition your Intel 850-based platforms to the mPGA478 socket prior to Northwood. Brookdale-DDR available in Q1 2002. Tulloch systems will provide the highest desktop platform performance while supporting mainstream price points starting in mid 2002. Brookdale-G (with integrated graphics will be a Mainstream Corporate Stable Platform and enable lower Pentium 4 Processor system price points starting in mid 2002."
Read their 'hips,' indeed. It looks like it will be Tualatin (0.13 micron Pentium III) or bust for Chipzilla this year.

Update: PCPOP has pictures of the D-stepping Pentium III.

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