Amazon introduces dedicated store for indie PC, Mac games

Indie games are thriving on the PC, and it seems Amazon wants a piece of the action. The online retailer has introduced a dedicated indie games store to sell titles for the PC and Mac. The store already includes 367 games, including popular releases like Castle Crashers, Enter the Ninja, and members of the Bit.Trip family. All the games appear to be downloadable, and most of them seem to be supplied via Steam.

As with Valve's content distribution platform, discounts will be a big part of Amazon's indie gaming effort. There are plenty of featured deals and multi-game bundles. Until July 17, buying any indie game will also get you download codes for three additional titles. The freebies will change frequently; right now, they include Huntsman: The Orphanage, Dynasty of the Dusk, and The Curse of Nordic Cave.

In addition to selling indie games, Amazon is looking to promote developers. The indie store features a spotlight section that will include developer bios and Q&As. There will also be a Gamer's Choice program that pits two games against each other. Users will be able to vote for their favorite, and the winner will be featured in the store, presumably with a hefty discount attached.

The Amazon blog post announcing this indie effort doesn't detail the criteria used to determine which games will be carried by the store. There's a contact email for interested developers, though.

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