Haswell-powered Intel NUCs due next quarter

Successors to Intel's Next Unit of Computing based on the new Haswell processors are on the way. According to VR-Zone, Intel showed Haswell NUC prototypes at Computex, and the chipmaker intends to release them—or machines like them—into the wild next quarter.

VR-Zone says these upcoming NUCs will feature Haswell-derived Core i3 and Core i5 processors with 15W thermal envelopes. The systems will come with a choice of plastic and aluminum chassis, and they'll have more connectivity options, too, including USB 3.0 ports and a full-sized Serial ATA connector on the motherboard. I guess you'll be able to outfit these things with regular hard drives or SSDs—not just Mini PCIe or mSATA storage.

Oh, and there's reportedly a passively cooled model in the works, too. The current version of the NUC has a small built-in fan, and after we ran into overheating issues, Intel wound up tweaking the fan profile to make it more aggressive. Presumably, the Haswell NUCs are better at keeping cool than their predecessors. Given all the improvements Intel has made to Haswell in order to cut power use, that wouldn't be surprising.

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