PlayStation 4 costs $399, supports offline play, doesn't restrict used games

On the heels of Microsoft's Xbox One event, Sony revealed yesterday that the PlayStation 4 will be priced $100 lower than its rival. The system will retail for just $399 when it comes out this holiday season—and pre-orders have already begun at Amazon and other e-tailers.

Sony's E3 event also saw the unveiling of the PlayStation 4's hardware design. Up until then, we'd only gotten a glimpse at the controller. Now, we know what the full console looks like: not much less sober than the Xbox One, but with a somewhat more playful leaning shape that angles the front surface up and the rear one down. (You'll find more images in the gallery below.)

According to Joystiq, Sony dropped a couple of other bombshells during its press conference. The company reportedly said PlayStation 4 games that come on physical discs "can be traded in without restriction, borrowed from friends, or kept for life." Sony also stressed that the PS4 won't need an Internet connection—unless, of course, you want to play multiplayer games.

That's a little different from Microsoft's plan for the Xbox One. As Joystiq points out, the Microsoft console will support used games, too, but there will be certain restrictions involved. Also, the Xbox One will only support up to 24 hours of offline play at a time.

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