AMD intros FX-9590 processor with 5GHz peak Turbo speed

Remember that 5GHz FX-series processor teased by Gigabyte? Well, it's now official. Earlier this morning, AMD announced its "first-ever" 5GHz processor, the eight-core, Piledriver-based FX-9590.

AMD has also unveiled a slightly slower offering, the FX-9370, whose eight cores are clocked at 4.7GHz.

At least, I think that's how fast these things run. The AMD announcement is awfully light on specifics, and while it refers to the FX-9590 as a 5GHz processor and to the FX-9370 as a 4.7GHz one, it also describes those clocks as "Max Turbo" speeds.

AMD says both the FX-9590 and the FX9370 will be "available from system integrators globally beginning this summer." There's no mention of retail availability—or of pricing, for that matter.

Nor is there any word about power envelopes. For what it's worth, the rumor mill quoted a 220W TDP for the 5GHz model. That does sound a little high, but keep in mind the fastest Piledriver-based FX chip available today, the FX-8350, has a 125W thermal envelope and only hits 4.2GHz in Turbo mode. Achieving an 800MHz increase over that no doubt requires certain tradeoffs.

We've asked AMD for some clarifications about the precise specs of these two products. We'll update this story when we know more.

Update from Scott: In my review, I overclocked the FX-8350 to a Turbo peak of 4.8GHz. You can see how it performed. Notice that we couldn't get the base clock speed past 4.5GHz without overheating or instability. AMD only quotes Turbo peak frequencies for these new CPUs, so I expect the limitations haven't changed much on this silicon since our review. Also, notice that the total system power draw in our test workload was 262W with this overclocked config. That lends some credence to the rumors of a 220W TDP for these parts. Don't expect to remove that kind of heat from a CPU quietly without some fairly exotic water cooling.

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