New Mirror's Edge will be open-world, more action-packed

More details are coming to light about the Mirror's Edge sequel prequel EA DICE unveiled at E3. The guys at Eurogamer have collected a few statements from EA executives, and the gist seems to be that the new game will be bigger and more action-packed than the 2008 original.

According to EA's Frank Gibeau, the Mirror's Edge prequel is an "open-world action adventure"—a novel concept for the series, considering the original mostly involved fixed, color-coded paths on rooftops. EA's Patrick Söderlund added that the prequel will be "very different" and will see Faith "take control" more often instead of running away. (Translation: more fighting.) However, he promised, "We're not going to turn this into a shooter. On the contrary, in fact."

Oh, and Söderlund claims the idea behind the game is "so different and spectacular that it can only work on future machines, like the Xbox One and PS4 and PC."

Exciting. Too bad the game may not be out for a while, though. It's apparently still in "early development," and the E3 teaser quoted "when it's ready" as a release date. I guess I'll just have to leave the trailer on repeat until then. (Thanks to Shacknews for the link.)

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