Palm beached

Not too long ago, this Technological Dissonance column comparing the Palm and PocketPC platforms caused quite a stir. Mon dieu! With a sudden downturn in its financials and its merger talks with Extended Systems off, Palm's immediate future looks pretty grim. C|Net gives some peremptory remarks on the state of Palm.
After telling analysts that sales for the quarter would be roughly half of already lowered expectations, Palm CEO Carl Yankowski said Thursday that the company is looking at various options that would involve "more or less dramatically changing our business model."

It could scale back its business in which it tries to be both portal and Internet service provider to customers with wireless Palms. It could also look to split off the part of the company that develops and licenses the operating system from the business that makes and sells Palm-branded devices.

Palm has said it will outline its plans when it reports its final results for the quarter in late June.

Corporate raiders, Palm may even be a ripe target for acquisition. Will we witness another episode of Barbarians at the Gate? Ah, the perils of the New Economy...
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