Deal of the week: A GeForce GTX 660 for $168.99

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 660 is a terrific card for the money, and it's not uncommon to see it on sale. Offers like this one don't pop up everyday, though.

Right now, at Newegg, you can nab an Asus GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II card for only $168.99. The list price is $209.99, but there's 10%-off promo code (EMCXPWW24) and a $20 mail-in rebate in the mix. Shipping is free, and the card even comes with a free copy of Metro: Last Light. This DirectCU II model also has higher-than-reference clock speeds (1020MHz core, 1085MHz Boost, up from 960/980) and a dual-fan cooler that, in our experience, performs well and keeps very quiet. Quite a steal for 170 bucks.

(If the thought of cutting and pasting promo codes inexplicably gives you hives, Amazon offers the same deal: the GTX 660 DirectCU II is listed there for $188.99 before a $20 MIR.)

Graphics not your cup of tea? We've also spotted two other decent discounts on new gear.

First, the non-windowed version of Corsair's Obsidian Series 350D Micro-ATX enclosure is down from $89.99 to $60.99 after a 10%-off coupon code (EMCXPWS44) and a $20 mail-in rebate rebate. Keep in mind this enclosure came out less than two months ago at $99.99.

Also, Intel's Core i5-4670K is down from $249.99 to $229.99. The i5-4670K is the least expensive Haswell processor with an unlocked upper multiplier. If you're building a mid-range gaming rig in the not-too-distant future, this is the chip to get. (Oh, and for what it's worth, Newegg says you get a "free limited edition skull t-shirt" with each purchase.)

Our readers north of the border can't take advantage of these deals, but they can partake in NCIX's Father's Day sale. Deals there include a 3TB Seagate 'cuda for $119.99 CAD and a 16GB USB 3.0 thumb drive from Corsair for $9.98, among others.

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